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At Pelzer Funeral Home, Inc.  we arrange different types of funerals to meet individual needs. The main focus should always be on the wishes of the deceased. If the deceased did not express any clear wish while he or she was alive, we recommend that the relatives and other loved ones ask themselves the following questions when choosing the type of funeral:


  • What type of funeral would fit the life and personality of the deceased?
  • What effects will it have on how the loved ones will deal with their grief and their memories of the deceased?


A funeral is a time for grieving.  A funeral is a time for closure. A funeral should be personal. Deciding how you would like to remember and honor your loved one is really a personal choice. With so many options available, you can customize a fitting tribute that reflects the life and passions of your loved one. Today, funeral and memorial services can be as varied as the individual they represent. That’s why we take time with each family we serve to get to know their loved one so that we can help them plan a fitting tribute to someone special in their life.


At Pelzer Funeral Home we believe the family should choose the a favorite scripture or a special hymn or song...or create a unique personal service for your loved one.  The staff at Pelzer Funeral Home is prepared to assist your family with planning a personalized funeral service.


Type of Services

  • Traditional Visitation
  • Memorial Service
  • Graveside Service
  • Chapel Service
  • Church Service
  • Committal Service
  • Special Gatherings



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